Review of the Week of January 9

I am very pleased to report that I have lost nearly four pounds this week. This came through detailed calorie counting and a lot of exercise. This week definitely did not come without my challenges, though I am very pleased that I have overcome some of those challenges. True to my habits in the past, the days that I do not record my food are the days that I eat well over my calorie allotment.  This happened on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, but I was able to get right back on track.  Those days I succumbed to the pressures of a “food day” at work. The temptation was far too much to bear. I know that my calories consumed those days were near 3,000 calories or so. As a result, I avoided the scale until Saturday and was VERY pleased to find that I lost about 3 pounds since the last time I had stepped on the scale.

Oh, Diet Coke, how I love thee….

I am still really struggling with the whole Diet Coke vice addiction. I had done well for most of the week consuming only Diet Coke in moderation and only have a can of Diet Coke at lunch or dinner. If you recall from previous posts, this is a great improvement over my Diet Coke consumption previously. However, after several days of “good behavior” when it comes to Diet Coke I found myself “binging” on Diet Coke on Saturday consuming something like 5 cans in a short period of time. Just like my food addiction, my addiction to Diet Coke will take a long time to recover from. I think it is challenging for someone who is trying to lose weight because there is justification in that there are no calories. I’m still working on this.

Eating Out

For our family, weekends are usually the times that give the greatest opportunity to eat out and this past weekend was no exception. However, we were aware a couple of days before that we would be going to Red Robin to eat out. I’m not sure if all of you are familiar with Red Robin, but it is a restaurant that specializes in burgers and their “bottomless fries”. So, I started doing my research on Friday night. I started looking to see what some healthier options were. I was disappointed when I was looking at their nutritional menu to find that many of their salads were well over 800 calories. However, in searching a little further Red Robin has this WONDERFUL tool called the Red Robin Customizer. What you can do is select the type of meal you want to have and you can add or remove different ingredients and the tool would recalculate the calories. In my example I wanted the Apple Harvest Chicken Salad which is typically 804 calories. However, if I asked them to hold the blue cheese crumbles, garlic focaccia bread, and candied walnuts this brings the calorie count down to 422. Now, granted in the past we can always ask these ingredients to not be included, but many times it can be difficult to determine what the new calorie count is.

I am looking forward to this week and hope that everything is going well in your journey to a healthy relationship with food. Please leave your feedback by leaving a comment below. I like hearing the good, bad, and the ugly! Have a wonderful week!



2 comments on “Review of the Week of January 9

  1. J. says:

    Congrats on progress.

    Re diet coke – wouldn’t worry about rushing it – just try and keep it in check and reduce it as you feel comfortable.

    Re not recording – cmon. It’s not like not recording it means they don’t count! Give yourself the information – sometimes it helps fight the urge next time.

    • Thanks for the encouragement! I am trying to take the Diet Coke in moderation and not beating myself up every time I have one, but still trying to taper off the amount of Diet Coke I am consuming. As to my reason for not recording, I know its silly but not recording the food I ate on those days is in some way me denying myself how much food/calories I am actually consuming. I am working on this aspect of my addiction. Thanks for reading and leaving the feedback!

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