My Favorite Breakfast!

I LOVE breakfast. I always have. It doesn’t matter what it is – I love eggs, sausage, hash browns, pancakes, waffles, biscuits and gravy. You name it for breakfast and chances are I LOVE it. In my not so recent history breakfast is usually where the calories began climbing. I could easily consume 700 to 1000 calories in breakfast alone. This usually came in the form of fast food on the way to work. Now, I don’t do drive thru breakfast nearly at all (and my check book balance appreciates it). Though I have my own take on one of my favorite breakfasts: the Egg McMuffin.

It is really simple. All I do is toast an english muffin and poach one large egg and then eat it like a sandwich. In this meal I get some great protein with some carbs and that combination seems to help me feel full longer. I have found that it can be challenging to eat this in the morning before work so I typically save this breakfast for the other three days of the week. But, if you’re a morning person (I am SO not a morning person) this might work for you. If I chose to reduce the calories even further I could just cook the egg whites, but for now I cook the entire egg. The best part is – it is only 200 calories!


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