Week of February 20th

What a week this has been! I was thrilled that the doctor cleared me for exercise on Monday which led to a week fueled with exercise. I may have gone a little bit crazy with the amount of exercise I did this week, but it was so nice to get back to it. To give myself a bit of credit I did ease into my work outs again by starting with only 30 minutes of cardio and working my way back up to the exercise levels I was before. I did not want to risk getting sick again. I also was able to maintain my calorie budget for the week. Typically I have been trying to eat exactly how many calories that I am allowed each day (especially on my work out days), and creating any additional calorie deficit through exercise only. The scale actually surprised me this week quite a bit and I lost 5.8 pounds, which means I have lost 37.2 pounds so far. Perhaps my physical self was as thrilled to be back to exercise as my mental self?

Things I’ve noticed….

There have been a variety of things that I have noticed about myself in the past couple of weeks or so that can only be related to my weight loss.

1) Bathroom Towels Ok, there are two size of bath towels in our home. There are the regulation size towels an then the large bath sheet towels. For the longest time I have always had to use the large bath sheet towels in order to have a towel that wraps all of the way around myself to go from the bathroom to our bedroom. I came to the realization that the regulation size towels once fit all the way around me. I cannot tell you how excited this made me.

2) Reasoning with my 4 year old The parenting experts always say that in order to communicate best with preschoolers, it is best to get down on their level. I found that in the past I was doing this by bending at the waist and talking to her. This was not always effective. I avoided crouching at all costs because I didn’t feel like I would get up without causing great pain and embarrassment. Last Sunday I tried kneeling down on her level and was able to do so with extreme ease.

3) Better Balance Ok, this one really caught me off guard. For some reason over the past couple of weeks I have been able to balance better than I have been able to in years. Doing something like pulling my tennis shoes on while balancing on one foot has become effortless. I anticipated different things to become easier with weight loss, better balance was not something I was anticipating.

4) Weight Loss is getting noticed My weight loss has been noticed by several people at work over the past two weeks or so and it is the ultimate form of encouragement. I never embarked on this weight loss journey to just be “noticed”, but the encouragement never hurts!


My husband took my measurements in December and last Friday he took some new measurements. I meant to share this in last weeks update, but forgot.

I was blown away to find that I had lost over 10 inches all over my body. I am a little perplexed that I have gained some inches in my thighs and wonder if it has to do with the weight training I have been doing focusing on my legs. Who knows? I plan on taking measurements in about another two months or so and will share my results then.


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