Goals for this week

Ok, I’m starting to feel like it is getting to be crunch time before my 30th Birthday on April 14th and I have 13 pounds to lose by then. While, I do understand that it i just a number on the scale, I do know that I have gotten a bit sloppy in the past couple of weeks and want to clean up my act a bit. So, to get some good traction going again I have set the following goals for the next week.

1) Eating more fruits and veggies If there is on thing I have learned during this journey it is that not all calories are created equal. An apple is going to be digested and absorbed by my body differently than 95 calories worth of chips or chocolate. My sodium intake has increased in the past couple of weeks and I can feel it in my body. I feel a little bloated and water logged. By eating more fruits and veggies and getting back to my grilled chicken spinach salad this week I think my body will let go of some of that water weight.

2) Limiting myself to two Diet Cokes per day & drinking more water This also goes hand in hand with reducing my sodium intake. Diet Coke is definitely my “one” vice that I cannot kick. As a result I consume a lot of sodium (and caffeine) with the daily Diet Cokes. So, to achieve this I am limiting myself to one diet coke at lunch and one at dinner. In addition to this I am going to try to drink 32 ounces of ice cold water before I eat my breakfast each morning.

3) Exercising 5 times this week This one kind of speaks for itself. I want to keep up my exercise regime. I am even thinking about attempting a run/walk on Friday evening. We’ll see how that goes. I have also been keeping up with my core muscle exercises at home three times a week along with the 100 push up program (currently on week 2).

So, those are my goals for this week. What are your goals for this week?


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