The Week of April 9th

This is going to be a fairly short post, since I wrote such a lengthy post yesterday about what has been going on. Last week was
pretty good (except for my huge splurge on my birthday). I have still been eating fairly well, but have struggled with the motivation to exercise. I dread getting ready for the gym, driving to the gym, and every minute of the work out. However, when I’m finished I am glad that I went. Is that messed up or what? I have a feeling that it is because I am not feeling challenged enough. I’m not sure. Regardless, I still lost 5.6 pounds last week. Continue reading

Week of February 27th

Well, this week has been kind of an up and down roller coaster kind of a week. I have lost a total of 1.6 pounds, however I started the week at 216.8 pounds and by Tuesday I was up to 218.4 pounds and now I am down to 215.2 pounds. So, this week I have been battling the scale. Though, I am thrilled that I am still making forward progress. It’s amazing how much my life has changed in the last couple of months in my relationship with food. Earlier this week I was having a chocolate craving. I tried to fight it – I really did. Had I not needed to go to the store for a few grocery items I probably would have resisted, but instead I Continue reading

Week of February 20th

What a week this has been! I was thrilled that the doctor cleared me for exercise on Monday which led to a week fueled with exercise. I may have gone a little bit crazy with the amount of exercise I did this week, but it was so nice to get back to it. To give myself a bit of credit I did ease into my work outs again by starting with only 30 minutes of cardio and working my way back up to the exercise levels I was before. I did not want to risk getting sick again. I also was able to maintain my calorie budget for the week. Typically I have been trying to eat exactly how many calories that I am allowed each day (especially on my work out days), and creating any Continue reading

Heart Rate Monitor Recommendations

I am looking for recommendations that anyone might have for heart rate monitors. I am wanting to purchase one as my reward when I reach the 200 pound mark. Mainly, because when I get below 200 pounds I want to start a running program. Currently the only way that I am keeping track of the calories burned during a work out is the calories burned that is listed on the cardio machine I am on. Lose It! also has a suggested number of calories that I have burned depending on the kind of work out I am doing. Though, lately I have noticed that I could have the same intensity of work out on two different machines and get a completely different number of calories burned. So, it would be nice to have a heart rate monitor to have a consistent record of how many calories I am burning for each work out.  Continue reading

This Week in Review – Learning Food is not the Enemy

This week was a roller coaster of a week. I think in reviewing this week it would be best if I take a look at my calorie habit for the last several weeks. I started out January eating about 1250 calories each day and then I kept reducing my calories further and further because I found myself not having a problem consuming only 800 to 950 calories each day (including the days that I would exercise burning 500-600 calories). I didn’t realize what a dangerous pattern I was starting. If you look at the image to Continue reading

Review of the Week of January 9

I am very pleased to report that I have lost nearly four pounds this week. This came through detailed calorie counting and a lot of exercise. This week definitely did not come without my challenges, though I am very pleased that I have overcome some of those challenges. True to my habits in the past, the days that I do not record my food are the days that I eat well over my calorie allotment.  This happened on Tuesday and Wednesday Continue reading

Group Exercise Week #3 Moving out of my comfort zone

Over the past couple of weeks I have been sharing with you my experience with my first ever group exercise class. Well, in the last two weeks I have shared how I have been trying to move out of my comfort zone. Monday was another class and my comfort level was stretched in ways that I could not even imagine.  Continue reading

Review of this Week

This has been another really good week of weight loss. I have lost a total of 3 pounds this week putting me back down to 235
pounds. This means I am only 5 pounds away from my first goal! This is a huge accomplishment for me because even though I have set weight loss goals in the past I have never actually reached any of the weight loss goals I have set.

At the beginning of October I had my husband help get accurate measurements using the tape measure that we have. I won’t be sharing exact measurements (yet), but I plan to share the number of inches lost on a monthly basis. The first measurement results will be on the November 7th Blog Post. I am looking forward to finding out those results. Continue reading

Hitting an Exercise Wall

Today is Saturday and for the past couple of weeks I have reserved Saturdays for my weekly review posts. However, in order to keep in line with the stats on Lose It! I have decided to move those posts to Mondays from now on.

My weight loss is going very very well right now. I am losing weight at a much higher pace than I anticipated. It seems as though I have found a good balance between eating the right number of calories for my body and creating a calorie deficit mainly based on my daily exercise. The exercise portion is what I am writing about today. Is it possible to burn yourself out on exercise? I’m not sure Continue reading

Weekly Recap

This week I was very pleased with my progress. It wasn’t so much the number on the scale that pleased me, but the fact that there were things that happened this week that could have thrown a massive wrench in my week but I kept my goals in mind and I was able to adjust. I continue to watch my calories very carefully and fit in my exercise in when I can. I was unable to go to the gym and work out three days in a row, though I was able to stay fairly consistent with my walks during my breaks at work. I know this isn’t the same as doing an hour of cardio and resistance training, but at least I’m moving. My clothes feel wonderful! They are actually starting to feel a bit loose. I discovered this week that while sitting down I can now comfortably Continue reading