Turkey Burgers

I am going to share my absolutely favorite recipe for turkey burgers. We have this for dinner probably once every two weeks or so (sometimes once a week), and my kids love it! We had it for dinner tonight and thought you all might like the recipe. This is also one of those recipes that is perfect to make after a long day at work and dinner will be ready within 30 minutes. I hope you enjoy! Continue reading


My Favorite Breakfast!

I LOVE breakfast. I always have. It doesn’t matter what it is – I love eggs, sausage, hash browns, pancakes, waffles, biscuits and gravy. You name it for breakfast and chances are I LOVE it. In my not so recent history breakfast is usually where the calories began climbing. I could easily consume 700 to 1000 calories in breakfast alone. This usually came in the form of fast food on the way to work. Now, I don’t do drive thru breakfast nearly at all (and my check book balance appreciates it). Though I have my own take on one of my favorite breakfasts: the Egg McMuffin. Continue reading

Quick Beef Casserole Recipe

Today I’m sharing another recipe. I found a handful of new recipes at a website sponsored by my employer’s health and wellness department. This is one of those new recipes. I love this because it is packed full of vegetables and there are only 201 calories per serving! My kids also LOVED it. I will give one caution – do not let the name of this recipe fool you. As a mom of 3 kids, a “quick” dinner is something that takes 30 minutes or less. This particular recipe takes about 60 minutes from start to serving the meal.  Continue reading

Beef and Broccoli

I LOVE chinese food! Though, when you’re trying to eat healthier the typical chinese entree can have 1,000 calories or more. Definitely not “weight loss” friendly. I found this recipe and made it for the first time tonight and I LOVED it! I found the recipe on Spark Recipes – around only 453 calories (including the rice). Continue reading


One struggle I have always had with eating healthy is all of those fruits and vegetable we should be eating in a day. Recently, I have discovered that I absolutely LOVE baby spinach. Even better I have learned that it has some incredible nutrition in it. So, I will have this salad for my lunches most days when I am at work (and even sometimes when I am at home). Continue reading

Apple Crisp

As I write this Autumn is in full swing in the midwest. The colors of the leaves are changing and the pumpkins are appearing on door steps with their creative carvings. Autumn also means cooler temperatures more and more indoor activities and family gatherings. We are only about three weeks from Thanksgiving and 8 weeks or so from Christmas and New Years. It is about this time each year that the baking bug usually bites me. I made some pumpkin bread and peanut butter cookies earlier this week (definitely NOT calorie friendly). These were done for a bake sale for work, though of course there Continue reading

Easy Chicken Parmesan

I LOVE Italian food! Though, due to my history with gestational diabetes I am trying to limit the amount and quality of carbohydrates that I consume which does limit the amount of pasta and breads that I eat. I found this recipe and our family just loves it! Occasionally I will make this without the spaghetti and that reduces the calories in this recipe by about 221 calories (if using a cup of spaghetti). This particular meal is also a time saver as a working mom of three active children. In five minutes I can throw all of this in a pan and within 30-35 minutes we are able to sit down to an excellent meal. Since this is oven baked while this Continue reading