My Goals

Goals are very important, at least that is what I’m told. Let me back up. I know that they’re important, though I have never taken the step to actually write them down and work on pursuing them. I think my version of goals in the past were more like dreams that I would like to attain someday, but don’t make changes or progression towards those goals. Losing weight was usually one of those “dream goals”. Below I have listed some of the goals I have. They are in a very specific order because they depend on the completion of the prior goal. I hope to give updates each time I reach these goals.

#1 Reach the 200 pound mark If I keep hitting my goal of losing 2 pounds per week I would be down to 200 pounds by about the first week of March 12. I plan on continuing my 1200 calories a day “meal plan” and exercising (cardio and resistance training) 5 days a week for 45-60 minutes. Accomplished April 10th, 2012


#2 Start training for a 5K To avoid a severe injury to my knees or ankles I believe that I need to be below the 200 pound mark before I start actively training for a 5k. Once I get below the 200 pound mark I will start the 9 week couch to 5k programs to gradually work my way up to 3.2 miles everyday. Started April 16th, 2012

#3 Run a 5K in late spring/summer 2012 I would like to register and complete at least one 5k race in 2012. My employer usually sponsors at least one of these races each year and would love to take part in their race.

#4 Lose 125 pounds This one will take the longest to complete, but I know it will be well worth the journey. Losing 2 pounds per week would put me at my goal at the end of October 2012.

Here are my goals. I would encourage you to set your weight loss/fitness goals and share them with those close with you so they can encourage and keep you accountable along the way.


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