Back on Track!

This is not going to be very long, but I did want to give an update on my progress last week. I was able to really get after my goals for the week and buckled down on my calories consumed and tried to really get back to working out like I was doing before. Though, this still continues to be a daily battle that I am struggling with. Friday is a prime example of that. On Friday I went over my calories by over 600 calories. It was poor planning on Continue reading

Week of March 5

I have lost 41 pounds since December 26, 2011. Even typing this sentence I am amazed at that fact. I have encountered bumps along the way. There has been a short term illness that prevented physical exercise. Cravings that wouldn’t go away. Social settings that could lend itself to gross over eating. There have even been days that I have gone over my calorie budget. And yet, somehow I have made it to 41 pounds lost. This is an incredible achievement. However, I still wake up with the voices of addiction taunting me. Just this morning, I was tempted to have a piece of French Silk Pie for breakfast. In the past I would not have blinked an eye at not just having a piece of sinfully delicious pie for breakfast, but eating the rest of the pie. Though, I was able to refocus and remember what Continue reading

Week of February 27th

Well, this week has been kind of an up and down roller coaster kind of a week. I have lost a total of 1.6 pounds, however I started the week at 216.8 pounds and by Tuesday I was up to 218.4 pounds and now I am down to 215.2 pounds. So, this week I have been battling the scale. Though, I am thrilled that I am still making forward progress. It’s amazing how much my life has changed in the last couple of months in my relationship with food. Earlier this week I was having a chocolate craving. I tried to fight it – I really did. Had I not needed to go to the store for a few grocery items I probably would have resisted, but instead I Continue reading

This Week February 13th

This has been a challenging week for me. If you recall I had a health scare that landed me in the emergency room twice within 6 hours or so. As a result I have not been able to work out this week like I would have otherwise. I have also felt very exhausted all week. Though, I am very proud to say that I have still stayed within my calorie budget all week long even though I have not been able to exercise since Monday. All in all I only lost 0.8 pounds this week. Though, considering what I have been through Continue reading

Goals for the Next Week

I was inspired today by another blog that I read, Weight Loss with Corinne. She sets weekly goals every Friday and today she challenged her readers to do the same. Now, I will preface this by saying that every time someone challenges me to set some goals I do not automatically go out and set a bunch of goals. There are a few motivating factors for setting these particular goals: Continue reading

This Week in Review

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed Super Bowl parties last night. We had a great time. I was very excited to be able to indulge in a few treats (namely, brownies) and still stay within my calorie budget for Sunday. Very exciting! Over all this was a very good week. I feel like I am falling into a comfortable rhythm as far as how many calories I need to consume and getting Continue reading

Snowed In & Super Bowl Parties

Well, the weather man has been saying for the past couple of days that a big winter storm was headed our direction in the midwest and it finally arrived. Our area is expected to receive 9-12 inches of snow when it is all said and done. We woke up to this picture early this morning. The thing about being snowed in is this: it makes me want to bake. Things like melt in your mouth chocolate chip cookies. What’s wrong with chocolate chip cookies you may ask. A chocolate chip cookie doesn’t Continue reading

This Week in Review – Learning Food is not the Enemy

This week was a roller coaster of a week. I think in reviewing this week it would be best if I take a look at my calorie habit for the last several weeks. I started out January eating about 1250 calories each day and then I kept reducing my calories further and further because I found myself not having a problem consuming only 800 to 950 calories each day (including the days that I would exercise burning 500-600 calories). I didn’t realize what a dangerous pattern I was starting. If you look at the image to Continue reading

Review of the Week of January 9

I am very pleased to report that I have lost nearly four pounds this week. This came through detailed calorie counting and a lot of exercise. This week definitely did not come without my challenges, though I am very pleased that I have overcome some of those challenges. True to my habits in the past, the days that I do not record my food are the days that I eat well over my calorie allotment.  This happened on Tuesday and Wednesday Continue reading

No, I Didn’t Fall Off the Wagon….

Many times when someone is blogging about their weight loss journey and there have been no posts for several weeks it usually means that they have fallen off of the proverbial weight loss wagon. Well, I did not fall off the wagon. No. I intentionally dove off of the wagon. What started as one dinner out to celebrate with my family complete with many servings of cheddar biscuits and several glasses of diet coke turned into nearly 2 months of horrible behavior with food. As much progress as I though I had made slipping back into those old bad habits was extremely easy. It scares me how easy it was.  Continue reading