Goals for the Next Week

I was inspired today by another blog that I read, Weight Loss with Corinne. She sets weekly goals every Friday and today she challenged her readers to do the same. Now, I will preface this by saying that every time someone challenges me to set some goals I do not automatically go out and set a bunch of goals. There are a few motivating factors for setting these particular goals: Continue reading

Group Exercise Week #3 Moving out of my comfort zone

Over the past couple of weeks I have been sharing with you my experience with my first ever group exercise class. Well, in the last two weeks I have shared how I have been trying to move out of my comfort zone. Monday was another class and my comfort level was stretched in ways that I could not even imagine.  Continue reading

Group Exercise Week #2

In the post about my first experience in a Group Exercise class I explained how it took a lot of overcoming some confidence issues and to actually attend a group exercise class focusing on the core muscles. During the class I was afraid that I was straining my neck, though my fears were soon relieved. The day after my first class I knew that the class reached its intentions of working the core muscles. I was sore in places in my entire stomach that I had no idea could be sore. I knew that the days following it would be important to keep on strengthening my core muscles. I didn’t focus on core specifically, but by doing work on the Adaptive Motion Trainer the movement would stretch out my sore muscles.  Continue reading

My First Group Exercise Class

So, I’ve been regularly exercising at least four times a week at the YMCA for the past four weeks now. In about the second week I took a look at the group exercise classes that are offered to members and found one that caught my eye “Core & More”. If there is one area that I’m not sure how to engage properly it is my core. Continue reading