Quick Beef Casserole Recipe

Today I’m sharing another recipe. I found a handful of new recipes at a website sponsored by my employer’s health and wellness department. This is one of those new recipes. I love this because it is packed full of vegetables and there are only 201 calories per serving! My kids also LOVED it. I will give one caution – do not let the name of this recipe fool you. As a mom of 3 kids, a “quick” dinner is something that takes 30 minutes or less. This particular recipe takes about 60 minutes from start to serving the meal.  Continue reading


No, I Didn’t Fall Off the Wagon….

Many times when someone is blogging about their weight loss journey and there have been no posts for several weeks it usually means that they have fallen off of the proverbial weight loss wagon. Well, I did not fall off the wagon. No. I intentionally dove off of the wagon. What started as one dinner out to celebrate with my family complete with many servings of cheddar biscuits and several glasses of diet coke turned into nearly 2 months of horrible behavior with food. As much progress as I though I had made slipping back into those old bad habits was extremely easy. It scares me how easy it was.  Continue reading

Weekly Recap

This week I was very pleased with my progress. It wasn’t so much the number on the scale that pleased me, but the fact that there were things that happened this week that could have thrown a massive wrench in my week but I kept my goals in mind and I was able to adjust. I continue to watch my calories very carefully and fit in my exercise in when I can. I was unable to go to the gym and work out three days in a row, though I was able to stay fairly consistent with my walks during my breaks at work. I know this isn’t the same as doing an hour of cardio and resistance training, but at least I’m moving. My clothes feel wonderful! They are actually starting to feel a bit loose. I discovered this week that while sitting down I can now comfortably Continue reading

Motivation to Lose Weight #1: The Big 3-0 is on the horizon

I am starting a series of different personal motivations I have to lose weight. These are those motivators that are in addition to just wanting a healthy lifestyle. This gets down to the nitty gritty of who I am as a person. Some of these may come across as vanity reasons. Though, I believe that some vanity is ok as long as you keep the bigger picture in mind. Continue reading

Food as Reward

I’m not sure if this is a midwest thing, but we do so much that is centered around food. For me, the work place is no exception. We have food days, celebration of goals accomplished, anniversaries celebrated, incentive programs, holiday parties. All of these are centered around food. When setting my goals for my weight loss I am striving to have a non-food related goal for each 30 pounds that I lose. For example when I get down to 230 pounds I will go and buy myself a new pair of jeans. Then when I get down to 200 pounds I plan on getting a new pair of running shoes and so on. It took a lot of retraining my mind to not associate reaching a goal with rewarding myself with food. At first I thought it was just my mindset, but I soon learned that all around me there are rewards in the form of food given for accomplishments. Continue reading