Review of this Week

This has been another really good week of weight loss. I have lost a total of 3 pounds this week putting me back down to 235
pounds. This means I am only 5 pounds away from my first goal! This is a huge accomplishment for me because even though I have set weight loss goals in the past I have never actually reached any of the weight loss goals I have set.

At the beginning of October I had my husband help get accurate measurements using the tape measure that we have. I won’t be sharing exact measurements (yet), but I plan to share the number of inches lost on a monthly basis. The first measurement results will be on the November 7th Blog Post. I am looking forward to finding out those results. Continue reading


Hitting an Exercise Wall

Today is Saturday and for the past couple of weeks I have reserved Saturdays for my weekly review posts. However, in order to keep in line with the stats on Lose It! I have decided to move those posts to Mondays from now on.

My weight loss is going very very well right now. I am losing weight at a much higher pace than I anticipated. It seems as though I have found a good balance between eating the right number of calories for my body and creating a calorie deficit mainly based on my daily exercise. The exercise portion is what I am writing about today. Is it possible to burn yourself out on exercise? I’m not sure Continue reading

Interval Training

I was listening to podcasts last week and I was introduced to the idea of interval training. I had heard of Interval Training in the past and thought it was more for someone who is doing some serious running and training for a race. Boy was I wrong. I learned that interval training can be an integral part of cardio training when trying to get the most of your work out.

Interval Training is basically doing short (two minutes) intense bursts of cardio training followed by a low intensity period and then moving right back into the intensity training. I know this is a rather rough explanation, but this is how I know how to explain it.

Prior to this I would not say that I reached a plateau in the exercise, but I got to a point that I was getting comfortable in my work outs on the Adaptive Motion Trainer. I would still increase my heart rate to a decent level an work up a good sweat. However, I didn’t feel like I was pushing myself enough. So, I tried to do some interval training. Continue reading