Week of February 20th

What a week this has been! I was thrilled that the doctor cleared me for exercise on Monday which led to a week fueled with exercise. I may have gone a little bit crazy with the amount of exercise I did this week, but it was so nice to get back to it. To give myself a bit of credit I did ease into my work outs again by starting with only 30 minutes of cardio and working my way back up to the exercise levels I was before. I did not want to risk getting sick again. I also was able to maintain my calorie budget for the week. Typically I have been trying to eat exactly how many calories that I am allowed each day (especially on my work out days), and creating any Continue reading


Review of this Week

This has been another really good week of weight loss. I have lost a total of 3 pounds this week putting me back down to 235
pounds. This means I am only 5 pounds away from my first goal! This is a huge accomplishment for me because even though I have set weight loss goals in the past I have never actually reached any of the weight loss goals I have set.

At the beginning of October I had my husband help get accurate measurements using the tape measure that we have. I won’t be sharing exact measurements (yet), but I plan to share the number of inches lost on a monthly basis. The first measurement results will be on the November 7th Blog Post. I am looking forward to finding out those results. Continue reading

Hitting an Exercise Wall

Today is Saturday and for the past couple of weeks I have reserved Saturdays for my weekly review posts. However, in order to keep in line with the stats on Lose It! I have decided to move those posts to Mondays from now on.

My weight loss is going very very well right now. I am losing weight at a much higher pace than I anticipated. It seems as though I have found a good balance between eating the right number of calories for my body and creating a calorie deficit mainly based on my daily exercise. The exercise portion is what I am writing about today. Is it possible to burn yourself out on exercise? I’m not sure Continue reading

Review of this week

This week I did not have much of a weight loss. I started the week at 247.4 pounds by Tuesday I was down to 246.6 pounds and today (Saturday) I am at 247.0 pounds.  I have come to the realization that the 13 pounds that I have lost in the last couple of weeks has been water weight, which was bound to happen with the high levels of sodium I was consuming on a daily basis. While the scale disappointed me, I am still feeling better than I have in a very long time. Continue reading

Calories Out

Losing weight is all about calories in versus calories out. As a working mom of three active kids sometimes life becomes a little less complicated when I am eating healthy low calorie meals. This is mainly because I will plan for my calories the day before (or even the week before) and so there is a lot less guess work when it comes to making dinner each night. However, finding the time to exercise can become a bit more complicated. Continue reading